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The passing of four prominent stars of Somali Studies and the Year 2014

Kenyatta’s anti-terror NGO clampdown may have broader agenda

Somali charged with double attempted murder placed under bill of indictment

Four killed after Maasai and Somalia herdsman clash at Kinango

Mandera leaders, residents vow to tackle radicalisation after al-Shabaab attacks

Mogadishu hosts a medal parade for AMISOM Kenya contingent

Court rejects witnesses of ex-army commander

Sections of Somali police forces trained in Djibouti

Somali refugees protest against forced deportation outside The Hague

President Hassan attends security meeting in Mogadishu

The president of southwest state appoints cabinet ministers

Somaliland seizes Yemeni and Egyptian vessels

Puntland Parliament approves $60 million Budget for 2015

Somalia regains control of its airspace, but lacks personnel management

Somali president appoints new prime minister

Somalia facing a new year of tragedy

Somali’s radio show a bridge to migrants

Migrants return home to start new lives

Kenyan manager takes over Somali champions

Conference over Somalis safety held in South Africa

Auditor general calls the businesses operating on public properties to hand over government land

Somalia’s Shabaab claims to collect $9 million in donations

Kenya Suspends Licenses of Some 500 NGOs, Some Tied to Terrorism

A former al-Shabab fighter tells his story

Somalia finds itself in the list of the most dangerous countries

Over 200 arrested in Mogadishu security operation

In Pictures: Somalia’s resurgent gas sellers

Al-Shabaab attacks AMISOM base in Mogadishu

Al-shabab kill 10 Somali soldiers in attack on base

Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke to be next Somali PM

Nine Shabaab suspects paraded in Mogadishu

UN seeks $863 million dollars for Somalia aid

Jeenyo Club wins the country’s Super Cup defeating Banadir SC

Attorney and Auditor Generals questioned in Parliament

New national Agency for Refugees & IDPs launched in Somalia

Inside Kenya’s Death Squads

My two cents on mental illness in the Somali community!

2 charged in Nairobi sexual assault case

Somalia, Djibouti join Arab Planning Institute

Turkey sets a global example in Mogadishu, says UN official

First Somali Youth Parliament convenes in Mogadishu, Elects Speaker

Somali al Shabaab militants behead two policewomen

US Senate report on CIA torture reveals Kenya role

Flydubai, the first emirate Airline to Hargeisa

Security Council Press Statement on Somalia

Somali refugees from Kenya begin to return

Al-Shabaab operative Hanafi in Somali custody

Allied forces seize Bulo Haji from al-Shabaab

Stable Somalia only way to end terrorism

Workers flee Kenya’s border town due to rising terror attacks

The unlikely love affair between two countries

Déjà Vu with a Vengeance

Millions to Somalia. Where did it go?

Can any Good Thing Come Out of Washington?

The Power Tussle!

Somalia has turned the corner

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The Corruption Tango

The agreement of South West State in Somalia is illegal, immoral and unconstitutional

IFJ Condemns “Cold-Blood” Murder of Journalist

Aid agencies have become self-serving corporations dressed in the clothing of compassion

A nationalist’s view of Ethiopia’s involvement in AMISOM

Mogadishu: The long road ahead

Big Oil, corruption & Islamist weapon sales blight UK-Somalia relations – UN

Somalia, Losing at Halftime

Somaliland migrants dying for a life in Europe

Our country and our people are under attack; UHURU KENYATTA

AMISOM, Africa’s solution to the Somali problem, is working out well

Homeland Security chief pledges to work with Somali community

Teen intentionally struck by SUV dies

Minneapolis Somali man using cartoons to counter ISIS recruitment

Dozens turn out for community meeting on radicalization of Somali youth

Global Somali Diaspora launches its chapter in the South West of England

Adviser Says Attack on Bus in Kenya Attempt to Start Religious War: Reports

Somalia’s Failure: Lousy Leaders?

Terrorism hits education, health in Kenya’s marginalized Mandera

Solution to Prevent Turmoil in Africa

Copenhagen HLPF 2014: Somali on track but……

UN envoy: No apologize Somali MPs over “vote for cash” allegation

Somaliland: East Africa Is The New Middle East

How big a threat is the Islamic State?

Politics will save Somalia

USAID announces $350,000 grant for camel and cow milk processing in Somali region

Twin Cities man killed in Somalia is remembered at St. Paul memorial

Is Kenya a country of apes?

10th Most powerful passport in the world

Two Britons ‘killed in Islamic State fighting’ in Syria

Somalia – As uncertainty reigns

Corruption Allegations Tarnish Somali Leader

UK Khat ban. The “othering” of others drugs: A Critical Analysis.

Nuradin Farah: A shining star in a dim nation

From Refugee to PhD

Why We Should Not Rebuild the Somali State

Facebook can gain direct access to your mobile and take pictures or make videos at any time

Main problem facing Somalia’s government.

Obama: ISIS nukes? I will send US troops

A more effective strategy to deter Somali youth from jihadist causes


Boko Haram Kills 45 in Attack

An international donor conference for Somalia has opened in Danish capital Copenhagen.

Safeguarding the Brotherhood between Mogadishu & Hargeisa

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Impunity Guaranteed for Violence Against Journalists

A Muslim citizen’s US passport gets him everywhere but home

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Al-Shabaab kidnaps residents, beheads 2 women in Kudha

Al-Shabab claims Kenya bus passenger killings

Frailty and gladiatorial combat in Somalia

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A letter To My Elders [Somali Politicians]

Minnesota urban planner killed in Somalia wanted ‘to give back’

Kenya police shoot dead man, arrest 250 during mosque raids

Pope prays at Turkey mosque in new gesture of Muslim outreach

Kenya mosque raids may radicalize coast: official